Please Don't Pick Your Pimple

Everyone does it although we shouldn’t do it! Popping a pimple as we like to call it. Acne is telling you that there is something quite not right with your body, could be food allergy, sensitivity to a product, hormone imbalance, lack of sleep or even stress and depression. You really should go to a professional and get a facial and have them extracted so you don’t damage your skin. But if you have to squeeze your self at least listen to the experts how to do it. Skin picking can spread bacteria and scar your face. You don’t want to damage your skin plus you will most likely cause inflammation.

Make sure you at least start off with clean skin and clean hands. Steam your face over a pot of water to draw everything out or take a warm shower or even use a hot wash cloth as a compress. You can use a clarifying mask with clay to help dry it out and kill the bacteria before you do the extractions. Purchase some professional extractors or use 2 q-tips squeezed together, and use latex gloves if possible. Press firmly but not too hard nor using finger nails to damage the skin and squeeze until everything is out but stop once blood flows. Wipe clean with hydrogen peroxide after and let the skin air dry. Don’t apply makeup till your skin clears up.

And not all pimples can be popped, some are cystic and may need a trip to the dermatologist. So please pop wisely.

extractions .JPG