Summer's End Time To Get Rid Of Dead Skin

PCA Skin is a corrective chemical peel that can help eliminate sun damage, hyper pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles. PCA Skin is formulated with unique ingredient blends that work with your skin to allow for comfortable treatments without sacrificing efficacy. The result is increased cell turnover and fresh, healthy skin is revealed. It can improve and prevent most skin concerns, including discoloration, aging, fine lines and wrinkles and even rosacea and acne. It will leave you with a healthy glow not bright red and you will have minimal downtime and no peel only flake. 

Some clients even schedule treatments on their lunch break. As we age our nature exfoliation  slows down resulting in a dull complexion. We need to shred dead skin to prevent acne plus it helps with better product penetration. The peeling is so slight it's mostly flake and only lasts a couple days.

The ingredients in the peel solution are working to create new cells that function properly, not only visible improving the skin but correcting from within. They are recommended once a month paralleling with the skin's natural 28-day turnover process for the best results. PCA Skin chemical peels have little to no downtime, allowing for treatments that won't disrupt your schedule. Book your appointment today for a smoother more youthful appearance in your skin.