Dry Brushing Really Helps Cellulite

Probably the least talked about method and it’s quick and inexpensive. I’ve done it a couple weeks and have already noticed a 20% improvement. Dry brushing also exfoliates, stimulating new fresh skin cells. Skin looks healthier and will glow and appear taunt. It will also give you better product penetration with your creams and lotions.

Dry brushing is beneficial in increasing circulation and blood flow and helps with your lymphatic system which removes waste and toxins. This helps cells function better and get the nutrients they need to help reduce cellulite. Buy your special brush and stsrt a daily routine before showering. You don’t need an expensive brush you can buy one online or at your local drug store, natural brushes work best.

Start with just 5 minutes and increase your brushing as needed. Make sure to go in an upwards motion toward the heart. Brush In a long sweeping motion starting at the bottom of your leg. Be firm but not too aggressive. After showering apply lotion and make sure to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. Working out will also help with cellulite by firming your skin. Don’t forget to eat a nutritious meal and get a good nights sleep.