Beware Of The Counterfeit

Only accept the original HydraFacial MD from an established spa. There is the counterfeit Hydrofacial which could give you bad results and doesn't have regulated products. The Hydrafacial has special ingredients formulated for all skin types and cleanses, exfoliates, extracts and treats in all one treatment with no down time in less than 30 minutes. 

It's procedure is regulated by a disposable vortex tip. You can also receive lymphatic drainage to help detox your toxins and also add on red and blue LED light treatment for acne and fine lines. It's an exhilarating treatment and after your skin will glow. A 7.5 or 15% glysol is also part of all treatment so it's like getting a mini chemical peel. 

I especially like the Beta HD solution which is the 2nd step of the treatment which gets out the blackheads and leaves your complexion clear and radiant. It's the magic solution which includes willow bark and honey which is hydrating, salicylic acid which is a great exfoliator, Tasmanian pepper which is anti-inflammatory and spirea ulmaria extract which calms and soothes. 

Book your Hydrafacial treatment today you won't regret it!