Don't Worry Be Happy!

One or two pimples is not acne. We all get them and we all wish we didn't. But a few spots once in a while doesn't mean you should reach straight for the clarifying cleansers, drying spot treatments or resurfacing toners. Over treating can lead to more problems than you had to begin with.  Don't destroy the acid mantel of your skin, it's the barrier that exists to make sure your skin retains moisture. 

Over exfoliations and over scrubbing can even cause more breakouts. A little sebum in your pores is totally healthy and not bad at all, it keeps bacteria out and hydration in. Be patient you will not see magic from your creams, serums and medications over night. Our skin regenerates every 28-30 days, some people more some less. If you are using new products wait, it may not seem like it's working but give it some time. Let your skin renew. 

If your new products break you out stop using it. Talk to an expert. Estheticians are more than happy to guide you through the in's and out's of skin care basics and if necessary you can see a medical professional. Good skin can be work but once you have the formula it's easy as A-B-C.