Female Belly Fat Causes & Metabolic Effect

If you are a female that stores fat primarily in your belly, an apple instead of a pear than this is for you! Most woman's issue is belly fat. Calories matter but there is a hormonal situation that determines where fat is stored and belly fat is no different. To lose belly fat your need both caloric deficit and hormonal balance to loose stubborn fat. 

In women those hormones are insulin, cortisol, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. And of course the major fat burning hormones, the catecholamines. They all work together and must be balanced to loose weight. You can see a specialist about checking your hormone levels. 

The greatest impact on the hormones is excess calories with starch/sugar contest. Foods that combine fat and sugar have the greatest negative impact, eat a balance of fat and protein, try to avoid the sugar and limit your carbs. If you are a woman and doing everything right to loose weight and nothing is working it might actually be from dieting. Over exercising, chronic dieting, sleep deprivation, constant worrying all hinder weight loss. 

So whats the solution? Don't eat less and exercise more, eat well and exercise a normal amount. Eat well and try to relax and not have such a bad body image. Stress wrecks havoc on your diet! Eat a healthy meal and get a good nights sleep! 

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