After Your Facial Your Home Care Regime

Your home care regime will greatly effect the results of your facial. It's important to use the right products at home to get maximum results from your professional facial. Everyone has a different type of skin, dry, oily, or combination and you need to use products for your skin type. Sometimes it takes trying different skin care brands to find out what works. You should cleanse, treat and moisturize your skin twice a day, the morning and at night. 

A good cleanser is the foundation of your skin care regime, they come in different consistency and can be gel or creamy. After your cleanser you can use a daily microfoliant to get off the dead skin so that you can keep your pores clean. You can use a stronger microfoliant once a week and what ever treatments your skin requires, clay for clarifying or something for moisture. Make sure you thoroughly rinse off your products. 

Most people can also benefit from a heavier moisturizer at night, that is when your skin heals and it uses the vitamins and nutrients you feed it to repair. Also a toner used with the moisturizer helps balance the ph level of the skin plus helps your skin prepare for the moisturizer, it's best to use the moisturizer right away after you spritz. Lastly dab on an eye cream to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay and help minimize dark circles. 

Get a professional facial once a month, the products are stronger than what you have at home plus your professional can do thorough extractions you can't do at home. It's good to have your skin evaluated as well to find out about better products and methods of achieving healthy glowing skin.