The Hydrafacial MD

Is it really as great as everyone says? YES!!!!! The Red Carpet ready facial that A List Celebrities love is amazing because it's so exhilarating and thorough plus you get precise results with no downtime. In 30 minutes you cleanse, extract, treat with Glysol which is a miniature chemical peel and protect with peptides and hyaluronic acid. Who doesn't love their black heads zipped away and squeaky clean skin! After the Hydra Facial you will have a beachy glow!

It's all regulated by a vortex tip and customized by computer to match your skin type. It's great for fine lines, wrinkles, acne, hyper pigmentation. Also an LED light treatment for collagen boost and acne. You can also add derma builder which works like botox but without the needles to help eliminate wrinkles. And add on a lymphatic massage to eliminate toxins and promote relaxation and health. 

You get the best results by a series of 3 Hydrafacials 30 days a part. You can also do derma planing before your treatment to get even better penetration of products. It uses a razor to shave the dead skin and vellus baby hairs to leave your skin baby soft. Spring is right around the corner so now is the time to get your skin in the best shape after the long Winter. It's also time to start thinking about switching to your Spring products, as the weather gets warmer you don't need as heavy moisturizer.