This is an amazing special only $50 for Spa Week April 16-22 but you can prebook now for your choice of 3 services and use it when you are ready. Microneedling which is Collagen Induction Therapy to promote cell turnover and collagen and elastic boost. It's what you see in the news Kim K doing. It's done with a state of the art technical  pen with small needles that penetrates the skin. It will get your skin where it needs to be and will be more youthful after a single treatment. Recommended 5 treatments a month apart. Priced before the special at $300. 

Dermalplaning to get rid of dead skin and vellus hairs. A razor actually shaves your face at a 45 degree angle, no it doesn't hurt! It's great for a on the go treatment that is non invasive to make your skin look fresh and clean. Also helps your products penetrate better. Also the hairs won't grow back faster, thicker or longer, its not true I promise!!!!!! Usually $200!

Also our PCA Peel rated tops by Forbes. The no Peel only flake. Good for all skin types, including rosacea, makes your skin feel tight and taut and can eliminate up to 4 layers of the epidermis skin. Good to start a new Season with, gets rid of fine lines and hyper pigmentation. Not the traditional Peel where you have to hide for weeks, you can do this treatment on your lunch hour. Will help your skin be healthier to fight against the free radicals. Usually costs $120. 

Then there is the Murad Facial for anti aging or acne. You start off with a deep cleanse and steaming and than a lymphatic massage to relax you and promote skin health by getting rid of the toxins. After a fruit enzyme enzymatic to get rid of the dead skin and clean out the pores to help combat future break outs. You will receive a customized mask either clarifying which is marine based mud to heal and dry out your acne and or moisturizing to dehydrate and protect. Lastly an eye treatment to reduce swelling and minimize fine lines. You will leave with silky smooth skin that glows! Usual price $120. 

Wow how can you pass on this deal! which one do you choose? come in for a complimentary skin analysis to help determine the best treatment for your skin type. And just $50 for Spa week, regular services up to $300!