This "Hydrating" Product Will Actually Dry Out Your Skin

Face mists are actually sucking the moisture out of your skin. Your skin cells are like fish and need water to live, so yes the mist can be hydrating but only used the correct way.  Facial mists are essentially toners and they're quite popular because they refresh your skin and give you an instant dewiness but only for a short period of time. When you mist your face you must apply moisturizer on top to seal in the hydrating ingredients, if not it will draw out the moisture in your skin and literally vanish into the air. The drier the air the more quickly the evaporation process will occur. Moisture acts like a magnet in that it is drawn to the driest areas of your kin. So misting your skin will make the moisture within your skin evaporate out leaving it tight, dry, and dehydrated. So to make the most of the mist, use a water-based mist after cleansing your skin and once your rinse off the your cleanser and your skin is damp you have a 60-second window before evaporation begins to occur so it's important to move quickly. Ideally you should spray the mist onto a cotton pad and them wipe it over your face and get it nice and damp than proceed with your serums and moisturizer to seal your skin.