The Miracle of Coconut Oil

One 42 yr old Resurrection Skin Care client had bumps and breakouts for 30 years and had tried everything from Proactive to Acutane but nothing worked.  Until a dermatologist patch test revealed that she was allergic to petroleum products and the bumps and breakouts were not acne but allergic reaction.  Unfortunately petroleum derivatives are ubiquitous in skincare products and sometimes not even listed on the label; even if it says organic.  She struggled finding cleansers and moisturizers devoid of petroleum products so we recommended she try coconut oil.  She began using coconut oil both as a cleanser and moisturizer and has had amazing results.  We checked out YouTube for a video describing some of the miraculous benefits of coconut oil.   After scouring the internet for a deal on coconut oil we found the best price on Amazon.  We are sharing the link to the deal if you would like to check out using coconut oil for yourself.  Some helpful things to look for when shopping for a product is to make sure it says 100% coconut oil on the package.  We also recommend that packaging says it is cold pressed- as this process will better retain nutrients.  And please if you try it out for your own skin care let us know your experience and results!